I would like to offer the following 3 additional one-off courses for FU3A this autumn. There will be 3 courses on each of the dates below, with a maximum of 5 attendees each, 1000-1130, 1200 to 1330, 1400 to 1530:


Friday 9th October

Make your own winter hanging basket

Make a winter basket with colour to last until next April! Participants should bring their own basket(s), maximum 2. For a fee of £5 each – all money going to charity – I will provide compost, spring bulbs, organic fertiliser and 3 winter bedding plants for each basket.

Course will be outside, so please dress appropriately, and there will be 5 separate workstations, after introductory session. Wear gardening gloves and masks please.


Friday 23rd October

Garden Carpentry

Participants should bring their own handsaw, hammer, Philips screwdriver. Wood (predrilled or premarked), screws, hinges and nails will be provided, for a fee (all money to charity) of £5 per item. We will make a birdbox or garden tub. Courses will be outdoors or in my garage, so please dress appropriately. There will be 5 separate workstations, after an introductory session. Wear gloves and masks please.


Friday 20th November – Fengshui in the Garden and Home

Understand the basics of fengshui, and how to use it in both the garden and home, to maximise health, harmony and wellbeing (something we could all benefit from!). Some of this course will be in the garden, so please dress appropriately. Please wear gloves and masks please.

For further details and booking please contact Kevin Steele.

email:  kandpsteele@btinternet.com