Hello to all our intrepid exploring members who are current enjoying a Government compulsory “STAYCATION”  ( the new word for a stay indoors holiday )  – sorry about that I slipped back into my alter ego of “The Minister of Mirth” !

Any way back to Discovering Wessex – you will have learned by now that all the proposed Talk ‘n Walk topics for this year’s current programme have had to be postponed due to the present anti-virus lockdown.  This means that the Bob Reave – Weald & Downlands Museum topic will become our November 2020 subject.  My double featured subject of Tolpuddle Martyrs & Sculptures by the Lakes topic will be run in the 2021 Spring term, dates to be advised.

So that leaves us all with many weeks ahead of us with no interesting presentations and no exciting adventures to look forward to – at the moment!!   Well – you didn’t really think you were going to be sitting at home doing nothing for the next couple of months did you?  No – No, what you should be doing is thinking about where you would like to learn about for our next year’s programme.  Take some of this extra time we have now all been given to do some thinking back over places you’ve seen or heard about and thought “I’d like to go there and find out more about that place”.   Make some notes, drop me an email, tie a knot in your handkerchief or talk to me somewhen!  Either way come up with at least one new topic you would like to see included in our next full programme.  It does not mean you have to be involved with the research,  if you don’t want to be.  Just use this time now to expand our ideas of where the group could go.  If every member comes up with one idea for next year – we will have over 90 locations to choose from – enough for the next 15 years – easy!!

Meanwhile, to help while away some time in recluse, here is a small Disco Wex quiz.

These are some pictures of places we have talked about and /or have been to, over the past few years – see if you can name them all.  No prizes – just for fun.  If you like the idea,  I’ll do some more in the future soon.

Regards to you all  –  please stay safe – keep well – keep washing those hands regularly !!

Keith Banks – Leader J1 – Discovering Wessex  –