As we are unable to travel at present, why not share your favourite destinations with our fellow members.


In 2004, while working in Sudan and based in Khartoum, I arranged a family visit to the Nubian Pyramids in the desert. Due to the time of year, we were the only visitors. However, the curator was delighted to open-up the Sun Temple and Pyramid site allowing us to freely wander around and even set up camp overnight!

There are over 200 pyramids built by the Nubians in Sudan which, although smaller in physical size, pre-date and exceed the number of pyramids in Egypt. Unfortunately, many of the pyramids have lost their peak as explorers mistakenly believed that treasures were located inside.

It was quite an experience camping between the pyramids and enjoying the sunrise. We also discovered that  news travels fast, when in the morning we joined by a group of locals wanting to sell craft items and offering camel rides!   Ken Hutton