Chris Preece is encouraging you to share  “Holiday Favourites”.  Chris has thought that, like him, many people must have files and files of old holiday photos that never see the light of day.

Listed below are four destinations that will be familiar to many of you. Each destination is followed by a date. Your task is to choose two photos taken by you -( or  one of your travelling companions at the time), that capture the mood – or the beauty of the place – or some special reason for being there.  Write just a couple of lines of explanation  then send them to Anne Hutton at by the relevant date. Anne will then upload them to the website. 


Week 1   Bavaria                                            May 14th

Week 2   The Yorkshire Moors                    May 21st

Week 3   The Land of the Midnight Sun   May 28th

Week 4   Warwickshire                                June 4th

Be prepared to spend some time on this – once you start looking at old photos you could be there for more than a few minutes!



‘During a great night out, friends persuade a young Ron to demonstrate his musical skills.’


Bavaria is a holiday paradise!

Bavaria has beautiful scenery: high alpine peaks, lakes like the Chiemsee with its His and Hers islands, the tranquil Konigsee with its fleet of silent electric boats, and any number of picturesque towns and villages, such as historic Regensburg with its 800-year old Wurstkuchl.

But Bavaria has another important culture: there are over 700 breweries in the state, producing about 40 different types of beer!  Many of these date back centuries, and we have eaten in one in Bamberg dating from 1435 that serves their wonderful Rauchbier.


However, one of the jewels in the crown is Weltenburg Abbey.  Lying on a bend in a tranquil stretch of the Danube, this Benedictine monastery was founded in 617, and has been brewing beer continuously since 1050, claiming the title of the oldest “cloister brewery” in the world.  The monastery has a biergarten, open to the public.  Our photos show a view of the abbey from a hill opposite, and us enjoying lunch and a beer, with inset a photo of the painted panel on the monastery wall stating its brewing pedigree.



The Northern Lights taken in March 2013

 To achieve this result 2 pictures were taken using a tripod and some 3 hours between exposures. Camera used Canon 5d Mk IV 28-300mm lens 

  1. To expose for the land sky and sea.
  2. To expose for the Northern Lights themselves

They were then blended in Lightroom


Caught this at Darwin!!!


Taj Mahal

Photos do not do it justice ,so beautiful and so pleased I was able to se it in person.


Rio Brazil

Went on a cruise last December as had never been to South America. Had though I had done too much travelling last year but in hindsight so pleased so pleased I did.



Petra, Jordan

In the steps of Indiana Jones!


Iceland 2019

Midnight Sun Iceland 2019


JORDAN – Wadi Rum

 Where Lawrence  assembled the Arab tribes to take Aqaba from the Turks. 

Bob Oakley Visits  Kroger National Park – South Africa.

Bob Oakley Visits  The Theatre in the Woods, West Horsley.

The Theatre was opened in 2017. Built in the grounds of West Horsley Place in it’s 350 acre estate. Inherited by Bamber Gascoigne in 2015. These are photos taken when I attended Wagner’s “Die Walkure. ” It was great attending a high class performance at such a lovely location. In some ways similar to Glyndebourne,  but only one and a half hours drive from Ferndown. Many chose the outside gardens to picnic others like us had dinner in the excellent Balcony restaurant. Most men wore black tie and the ladies evening dresses. Nothing is quite the same as ROH, but this is more civilised and relaxing. No scramble at the end of interval to get back from the balcony to your seat. Just stroll in the lovely countryside.  – Spot the Celebrity!


The ‘Vasa’ is a ship built for the Swedish navy on the orders of King Gustavas Adophus, at that time the most powerful ship in the world. The VASA started it’s maiden voyage in 1628 when she foundered and sunk just outside Stockholm harbour. The intact hull was salvaged in 1961 and housed in a temporary museum. In 1988 she was moved to the  new purpose built museum.As I entered the museum, I pass through an airlock into the massive, air conditioned hall. Built to exhibit the hull of the VASA. The first photo is a model, then the outside of the ship’s new home. Inside photos are just a few of the taken at different levels. The colour one shows how lavishly the stern was decorated. I was very impressed by the state of preservation and the ability to view it without any sort of glass barrier and viewing floors at all levels accessed by lifts and stairs.

If you haven’t seen it not to be missed on your next visit to Stockholm.