So here is Bulletin 4  – you have been warned !!

Here in the depths of the Ministry of Mirth where these joke items are received every day, our loyal essential staff are still hard at work, in an attempt to keep the FU3A members smiling.

You are advised to read this dispatch at a distance of 2 metres, so as not to come in close contact with these contagious funnies. If you develop a new continuous bout of hysterical giggles, try to keep the laughter in, by putting a tissue over your mouth or use your sleeve. Throw the tissue or your sleeve in the bin.  If these symptoms worsen – don’t contact us – we did warn you!!!  You are further advised to stay in doors and spread these contagious jokes onto as many people as you can to keep the whole country laughing !!


Thanks to all those members who have sent in more humorous items and for their best wishes.  Note:-  the first item is a photograph sent in by Peter & Trish Lovell of their Great-Granddaughter delivering supplies, although she looks disgusted at being asked to mind something so uninteresting – it made their day !!   Thanks Trish



Just click on this BULLETIN 4 link which will connect you with Google Drive and the Ministry of Mirth” 4.


This is BULLETIN  3 from the “Ministry of Mirth” – still clinging to the wreckage in our St. Leonards reclusive hideaway!


The Ministry would like to thank all those members who have sent in more and more humorous items for future circulation and for their thanks for the distribution of these bulletins.

We will be aiming to send these out to you on Mondays and on Fridays and for as long as the joke supply lasts.  So keep ‘em coming!


Just click on this BULLETIN 3 link which will connect you with Google Drive and the Ministry of Mirth” 3.



This is Bulletin 2 from the “Ministry of Mirth” – deep down in our St. Leonards semi-detached bunker.

Since sending out our first dispatch of humour we have been inundated with all kinds of jokes, funny stories and topical videos. It is good to know, that as in the past, in times of crisis the British people always come together, stand firm and keep calm by washing their hands and exchanging examples of the great British sense of humour !!

This batch is going out sooner than expected mainly because there is sooo much good stuff going around out there that we want to keep it fresh before everybody has seen them already. So, enjoy these newer ones.


BELOW  are the same instructions as the previous dispatch – just in case you don’t have them anymore  :-



This is the first occasional bulletin from the Ferndown U3A “Ministry of Mirth” – stationed in the St. Leonards Bunker.

We will be sending out to all members these infrequent dispatches of humour in order to keep you all smiling and give you a few items to laugh at, during these difficult times – while we look for some light at the end of the tunnel -especially as there isn’t much else to laugh about !!

Every effort will be made to monitor these funnies so that they are NOT TOO political, religious and definitely not offensive. For a couple of weeks we’ll be trying out these light hearted video looks at the news together with some random jokes and funny pictures thrown in for good measure.

All you need to do is click on this link which will connect you with Google Drive and the “Ministry of Mirth” page.

There is a mixture of videos, joke pages and pictures which open up automatically when you DOUBLE CLICK on the item chosen or the arrow to start the video clip. If you want the video to be full screen click on the small white box in the right hand bottom corner. To return to the smaller screen version click the larger white “plus” symbol in the right hand bottom corner. To return back to the main page, click on the white arrow in the top left hand corner of the joke page and chose another item.

Please enjoy these humorous offerings but if you find you have any difficulties with any of the items contact us on the details below.

We will be sending these emails out to all members registered with the FU3A Beacon system, as this is the easiest way to reach all those members. If you DO like the idea and have anything amusing in a similar vein please send it to the email address at the bottom of the page. We will then vet them and send them out in later dispatches.

If on the other hand you WOULD NOT like to receive any further emails from this source please let us know at the same address below and we will remove your name from the mailing list. No worries.

So take a look at this first batch by clicking on the link above then enjoy each offering.

The Minister of Mirth : aka Keith Banks –  email:-  –  01202 875354