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as our charity of the year


Mike Andrews has undertaken to walk 1000 miles for  our charity the Lewis Manning Hospice Care. He started on the 26th December and aims to finish by the 2nd December 2022 in time for our AGM. Each month he will give an update on his progress. If 100 members sponsor Mike for 1penny a mile ( £10 for the 1000) he would raise £1000.

To sponsor Mike click on the box below and under Organisation Name put MIKE ANDREWS. The Lewis Manning trust will keep a tally of all donations received for Mike’s walk

MONTHLY UPDATE – 14th June  2022:

So far Mike has walked  776 miles and raised  £1100 for Lewis Manning Hospice. Fantastic news Mike.  A further 20  people have pledged  moneys to be collected at the end! 

A New Goal: 

Mike is now aiming to walk 1500 miles and raise £1500! 


Lewis Manning Hospice Care provides extraordinary care and support to patients diagnosed with a life-limiting condition and to their families. Their catchment area is East Dorset, BCP and the Purbecks. Their day hospice operates at its HQ in Poole, at satellite hubs across the region, and virtually via iPads, offering services to meet the clinical, social, well-being, creative and mental needs of its patients. In the past year it has supported 450 patients and their families. All its services are free to patients but it receives only 25% of its funding from the NHS. The rest has to be gained from charitable giving. 

Many people say they feel they are treated differently after diagnosis, and are no longer allowed to live life to the fullest. The Hospice wants patients to enjoy their lives right up until their last moments, by having fun, laughing, and still being able to be themselves. Each patient’s safety and wellbeing is at the forefront of all the care they provide.

Every year the hospice provides care for hundreds of patients and their families through our important services, which include:



All care is provided at no cost to the person or their family. Support from the local community is vital to the running of Lewis-Manning Hospice Care.