39 members set off from Ferndown and West Moors for another successful visit organised by the Visits & Events Team.

After a comfortable and smooth journey, punctuated by a comfort stop for coffee at Chievely Services, we arrived at Bletchley on time and were met by 2 guides who split us into 2 groups for an informative one hour tour with an explanation of the various functions which had been carried out in the different huts.

Their explanations helped us to understand the significant contribution made by so many at Bletchley during the war in decoding enemy communications.

 Although the weather was dry and sometimes fine, we experienced a north easterly wind which encouraged us to get inside as soon as possible.

Service at lunchtime  in ‘Hut 4’ cafeteria proved somewhat chaotic but we were  all eventually served. Refreshed, we continued our individual interests until departure time.

Members again demonstrated their ability to observe the timetable and we left promptly for another comfortable journey back to home base. Thanks were given to driver Graham, who has contributed to past visits and readily accommodated our wishes.