The 6th of December saw the last First Friday Talk of 2019 when 90 members of the FU3A came to the Barrington Theatre, Ferndown to hear a very interesting talk on Air Traffic Control.
The talk was given by the very knowledgeable Dr. John Guy who has spent his whole career in ATC and is a leading authority on the subject. His audio visual presentation demonstrated the multiple levels of control by the various air authorities that keep us all safe in the air. He explained about the regional and global network of areas of authority control which modern airliners travel through en route and the procedures involved in keeping the ever increasing numbers of flights apart, in all directions. He finished with a fascinating video of a huge jet airliner making it’s approach to San Francisco Airport and demonstrating all the features of ATC which he had been explaining. The lecture was extremely well received by all those present.

The next First Friday Talk of 2020 is on January 3rd and has the intriguing title of “How I survived the house that sat down” and is at the  Barrington Theatre, Ferndown. Free coffee and teas will be served from 9.45am, as usual and the talk will start around 10.20am. All members are welcome.