Well, we had the coldest April in 100 years, the driest April in 30 years, and storms/hail/strong winds at the start of May, so an interesting time to garden!!

With hopefully the frosty nights behind us, we can finally start moving plants out of the greenhouse and into the garden this coming week. We had the 4 Greenfingers sessions last week making up hanging baskets and tubs, and photo 1 shows all of mine that I have made up so far (a few more to come).

When we were taking out the contacts of the winter baskets, they had a number of perennial evergreens that we saved – thyme, euonymus, ivy, wintersweet etc, and the bellis daisies will also go on for a few months yet. There was also the white cineraria, from which you can take cuttings. These will grow well over the summer, so the plants themselves (photo 2) can be saved and put in tubs in the winter. You can also take cuttings (photo 3) that will be large enough to go into hanging baskets for the winter, a continuous circle.

We also finally potted up the sweet peas (photo 4) which need tying in for the next couple of weeks, until their tendrils can support the plant’s weight. The potatoes are doing well (photo 5), and have just been earthed up for a second time. The wisteria is also now fully out (photo 6).

It was also time to sort out the various herbs (photo 7). Mediterranean herbs like rosemary, sage, thyme etc like very gritty soil and good drainage, and can all do with a haircut, to promote more bushy growth. Multi-stemmed herbs like thyme and marjoram can be divided to get more plants, and single-stemmed herbs like rosemary and sage, can have cuttings taken. Photo 8 shows some sage cuttings (again in very gritty and free-draining soil.

With the Greenfingers Plant Fayre on 24 July (please make a note in your diaries, it is at Margaret Hobson’s house), now would be a good time to sow both flowers and vegetables, to sell at the fayre, so please do give it a go.

Happy gardening!!