this talk  has three sections.


  1. How did awareness become alarm?
  2. Are we heading for an uninhabitable earth?
  3. Is it too late or can we save the day?

From the publication in 1962 of Silent Spring by R. Carson to the IPPC Report 2018, the environment has been the subject of growing concern.  Kyoto and the Paris Accord have both highlighted the problems and called for action.

We have solemn warnings that without urgent action the story of our future is an earth which will trigger the sixth mass extinction. By bringing about a massive rise in CO2 we will create the conditions for global warming and for a whole series of related disasters which will bring our civilisation to an inglorious close.

There are still some optimists who believe that we might yet save the day.   Will it be technology, or widespread public action and a fundamental change in the economic system which saves the day? Will the voices of the Greens, the school children and the Extinction rebellion movement convince our political classes that there is very little time left for talking and that action is the priority.?  Action at every level from Governments, firms and from society.  We all have a responsibility for the problem and all must embrace the solutions.

Douglas Lock