If you find a group you would like to join, please contact our membership secretary, Debbie Gill.



B2 Duplicate Bridge2
BA2 Improvers' Bridge1
C3 Beadwork4
G1 Games, Scrabble, Rummikub2
J10 Ciao Italia!1
K15A Super Movers6
K18 Table Tennis - Progress 21
K2 Keep Fit & Badminton2
L12 French Conversation7
L5 Spanish6
M10 Ukelele Band3
M15 Band14
M19 Opera Italia1
M9 Really Awful Singing Group10
T21 Amateur Birdwatching6
W2 Drama Workshop6
W6 Film Studies3
Z2 5 mile walks1
B3 Duplicate Bridge11
BA4 Chicago Bridge4
C7 General Crafts1
G10 500 Australia's Favourite3
H26 Stories from my f'ly tree6
K14 Badminton for Fun3
K17 Table Tennis - Progress 13
K19 Golf3
K8 English Country Dancing4
L14 Strictly Beginners Spanish2
M1 Enjoying Music13
M14 Recorder Playing1
M16 Solo Singing Group1
M3 Enjoy Singing26
T1 Astronomy14
W16 Readers Circle2
W4 Creative Writing2
Y17 U3A Solo Lunch6
Y9 Bon Viveurs4
Z5 Saturday Walks1