This was a wonderful trip, and we all had a fantastic time. The weather was lovely and the sights extremely interesting.

Day one saw us visiting Venice and after an eventful trip on a Vaporetto (water bus), we landed in St Mark’s Square. The Doge’s place was magnificent, and you could easily spend the day in this one building. Afterwards we wandered around the Basilica where some of us made our way to the rooftop to enjoy the amazing views.

The next day saw us visiting Vicenza. The “Teatro Olimpico” light and music presentation was stunning. Some of the group took a site-seeing walk around the town while others visited the market area.

Verona was next, with a trip to the ancient amphitheatre known as the Arena. Afterwards, people made their own way around the town. Some visiting “Juliet’s Balcony” while others walked along the Adige River and across the “Ponte Pietre Bridge.” From here we had wonderful views of the hilltop castle and the remains of the original roman theatre.

On our final day we visited Castelfranco, a delightful town which displayed some interesting artwork!   This was followed by a visit to the winery near the “Villa Di Maser” where we indulged in a delicious lunch.  Our final stop was to the Villa De Maser to view its beautiful Frescos.

All too soon it was time for home.

Thanks must go to Bob Reeve and Clare Clayton for the wonderful organisation. Thanks also to the group members who all gelled so well.

We are all looking forward to the next one!