On Saturday 1st February a group of enthusiastic U3A members along with two very well behaved, beautiful dogs, went on a nature walk from Potterne Park into Moors Valley.  The morning dawned without any of the  previous days rain and by the time we arrived at the Park the sun was shining and it was quite warm.

After assembling at the car park we set off at a business like pace and walked round the new pathway that had been constructed so that we kept our feet dry instead of walking over sodden grass. We duly  arrived at the railway station, no coffee to be had there or even a train ride just one engine to look at with three very large children enjoying letting the whistle blow – I think they are actually called men letting off steam! They all had a cheery smile and wave for us though.

We arrived at the main cafe and had a welcome cup of coffee before the walk back again.  The walls had some interesting photos displayed to look at and thank you all for some interesting conversations.

On the return journey we passed the lake and some beautiful swans with last years youngsters, who decided my trouser leg looked interesting but unfortunately for them I was not to their taste.

John told us about the decoy airfield and there is a board explaining all about this interesting fact from world war 2.

Other people encountered on the walk greeted us with a cheery hello and smile which was so uplifting and made the walk even more fun.

We continued on to the next lake where there were plenty of ducks and swans to admire as well as some beautiful cream and brown bull rushes, with the sun glinting through the bronzed tree branches it was a peaceful and restorative walk after the grey skies and rain.

It was a very friendly group who mixed about enabling some great chats and hopefully make some new friendships.

Margaret Holden