Well I think this trip got our 2021/22 events diary off to a flying start.

We all met on the Quay at 11am in  Poole on a perfect day. We managed to fill the whole top deck of the boat.   We motored up Poole harbour and on to the River Frome entrance to Wareham.  The sun shone, the sky was blue and we glided along the river bank through thick reed beds, meadows and moored boats looking out for many different birds.

It was interesting that we could spy the Tower of the old church in Wareham some way ahead but it seemed to constantly move.   Sometimes on the right of the boat and sometimes on the left as the river curved around many bends

We docked on the quay at Wareham and had an hour and half to spend exploring this small pretty town. Some people went around the town others explored the ancient church and others had a G&T on the balcony of the restaurant on the banks of the river !!

We returned to the boat and began our leisurely  way back towards Poole.   We stopped about half way back and docked at a small pier where our delicious fish and chips were delivered to the boat.   We took off again and enjoyed the very welcome food  whilst gliding back to Poole Quay for 2.30pm

I think a lovely day was had by all

Angela Larcombe